Porcelain VeneersDr. Jacob can transform even the most stained, misshaped, and crooked smiles using Lumineers®. Lumineers® are veneers crafted of tooth-colored porcelain custom-designed to cover the front of the tooth, restoring its color and shape. During your first office visit, Dr. Jacob will take impressions of your teeth from which laboratory technicians craft your veneers. Since Lumineers® porcelain veneers do not require shaving of the tooth, their application is essentially pain-free. Lumineers® can even be applied to existing crown or bridgework. Your veneers will be crafted at the Cerinate® Smile Design Studio, the exclusive producer of Lumineers®. In your second visit, Dr. Jacob will lightly scuff the tooth before applying the veneer. The veneer will be applied and set with a laser, resulting in a strong, durable bonding. Your Lumineers® will give you a glamorous smile that will last for years to come.